It's College, Bro.


Fuckin’ Jimmer!

Jimmer Fredette has been boss cock lately in NCAA basketball.  He’s a Mormon basketball version of Tim Tebow, just absolutely dominating a sport that his ethnicity has no part in and keeping it religious at the same time.  Jimmer racked up 43 points last night leading his #9 ranked Cougars over #4 San Diego State University, 71-58.  He’s the only player in the nation that has recorded 40 or more points in multiple games this season and he has done so in three of his last four games.  He’s also leading everyone in scoring, averaging 26.7 points per game.  Jimmer’s doing this while playing with a bunch of plugs, the second leading scorer on BYU is averaging just 13 points a game.  It’s becoming apparent that the only way to shut down this guy is by scheduling a game on a Sunday.  I really can’t tell yet if this kid is going to be a factor in the Association but I’m pulling for him.

PS-  As far as Mormon beliefs go, Jimmer should be abstaining from all sexual contact.  He’s the best college basketball player in the nation and he can’t even reap the benefits it has to offer.  Somewhere Charlie Sheen is dying a little inside.

Drink of the Weekend

I spawned this immortal creature minutes ago.  Stay thirsty my friends.  


I Love It When Girls Quaffe

To those of you that are unfamiliar, let me acquaint you with the quaffer.  This is the greatest innovation of the shot glass since binge drinking emerged as the social norm for all college students.  Simply fill the bottom of the glass with a chaser and fill the top with your poison of choice.  It’s the solution to all those annoying sluts that say they can’t get drunk.  Bitch, your tolerance is shit!  Put back a few of these and then get back to me.  The only thing smoother than a quaffer shot is the game you spit to that dime later on.  Gettin’ it in is always the conclusion of the night.  Wrap it up and thank me later.


Why the hell is it saying End Fragment at the end of all my posts now?

There are three things a pirate is famous for: looting, pillaging and developing high intensity, low impact resistance training.  To be honest, that’s just about it.  I had to watch this video twice just to confirm it was shit.  To Captain Morgan’s credit I did chuckle, twice.  But is it just me or is the Captain trying way too hard?  Like you’re the boss when it comes to rum, Captain.  Why the hell are you striking out with marketing?  That should be easy when you’re the best in the game.  Budweiser is still running shit in beer advertisements consistently.


And Last Night Was…Awesome

I know every college student was raging last night and I’m proud of it to say the least. We started out the semester with a BANG. Going green racked up a couple more casualties in my neck of the woods, how about yours? Lets thank the almighty Dionysus for that one. Bros, beers, babes=college fun. Lets keep it up ladies and gentlemen.

P.S. Didn’t go to any classes today, except my 8:30 which I left around 8:33 because I was feeling nauseous and proceeded to vomit in my own shirt. Wearing last nights drink is the new style I guess.

-Rick Daddy

First Night Back Drink of Choice

The almighty “Green Drink”. I didn’t want to pull this behmouth of a drink out this early, but what screams “blackout” more than the first night back? This drink was a gift from the God we like to call, Ken Derecho. It has been killing people on and off Siena campus for over 2 years now. Ingredients: 1 Solo Cup, fill with vodka half way or more, maybe up to the “S” if you’re feeling lucky, fill close to the top with Monster Energy drink and top top it all off add a splash of blue Gatorade to give it the green color. I promise, you will never get so drunk and out of control in your life. Also, NO HANGOVER…can’t beat it. Remember stay thirsty my friends.


Let’s Rage!

Too bad for Musky and the Purple Knights for having school today, thats the worst news possibly in college history. Luckily for the rest of us, especially the Siena Saints, we have classes tomorrow, move in today and RAGE tonight. Its going to be a blood bath tonight at local bars, Dapps for sure, and college campus’s the same! Lets get wild and pull some wet and curious jine, see you tomorrow. Just wait till the heavenly Dionysus gives us what to drink to make tonight special, I hope you’re environmentally friendly.

-Rick Daddy

Fuck Classes Today

So after dropping $450 on textbooks, booze, animals and what not, I’m starting classes today.  Yet on the calender of just about every other American, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I need to make my way to classes and and actually try and think.  This is bull shit.  Winter break was way too fucking long for classes to start so abruptly on a Monday.  I need a drink.  Utah, get me two.


What the fuck just happened to the Patriots?  Am I about to wake up from a bad nightmare?  I sure fucking hope so.  

Football Thoughts

I knew I should have waited to talk about the ravens, steelers game until after it was over. Its clear that the Steelers went on It’s College, Bro at half time and read what I had to say about them. I inadvertently fired them up and made them angry, like waving a red flag in front of a bull, and I’m sorry for that. On a side note, I haven’t seen that many sacks since my last time in a locker room, it was a blood bath. I’m not worried about the Steelers when we play them after we beat the Jets. Two easy victories leading to the Super Bowl. I don’t care about the NFC until the big game, it just doesn’t concern me. Also, no point of mentioning todays game against the Jets, they aren’t worth it and don’t deserve to be on the same field as us, enough said. So everybody go out and assemble your crew of Bud diesels, wings, Doritios and subs for today’s merry celebration…Roll Tide

-Rick Daddy